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  School Hall
  Completed Project
  Completed Project

˙  Kowloon True Light Middle School
Supply and install stage lighting system, AV system, and stage curtain for school hall
˙  Cheung Chuk Shan College
Supply and install AV system for school hall
˙  International Christian School
Renovate AV system for classrooms
˙  The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Install lighting fixtures and program the lighting scene for virtual studio
˙  Hong Kong Dance Company
Supply and install lighting system for dance room
˙  Cathay Pacific
Supply and install studio lighting system
˙  Mei Ah Entertainment
Install audio and video system for Movie Channel
˙  The Chinese University Of Hong Kong
Install lighting, audio and video systems at Humanities Building
˙  The Open University of Hong Kong
Provide and install studio lighting system
˙  City University of Hong Kong
Install HD AV system at CMC Building
˙  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Supply and Install Poly-U Production Desk 
˙  IVE (Chai Wan) VTC
Supply and install audio and video equipmentfor media classroom
˙  HKUGA Primary School
Provide inspection and preventive maintenance service for stage lighting 
˙  Hong Kong College of Technology (Ma On Shan)
Provide and installation lighting fixtures and HD AV system
˙  St. Mary Canossian School
Provide and install stage lighting system
˙  Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College
Supply and install audio and lighting equipment at stage
˙  Yeo Chei Man Senior Secondary School, Tseung Kwan O
Install audio system
˙  Bloomberg (Hong Kong) 
Supply and install live broadcast studio lighting system
˙  Maitreya Great Tao Hong Kong Organization
Provide and install audio and video Equipment for recording system 
˙  International Nature Loving Association
Provide and Install projector and audio system 
˙  Digit Digit Limited
Install HD production system
˙  E.F.C.C. Yan Fook Centre at 2/F hall
Provide and install motorized lifting winch
˙  E.F.C.C. Yan Fook Centre at 15/F studio
Provide and install  lighting fixtures for virtual studio
˙  Baptist Church In Kowloon
Install studio lighting system  
˙  Pentecostal Holiness Church
Provide and install stage lighting system
˙  Hong Kong Repertory Company
Supply and install mobile lighting system

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