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Strand - Wallrack Digital Dimmer
Defining the new standard in permanent installation dimming for small/medium entertainment and architectural venues, the Strand Wallrack is available in two configurations, and with a host of features to suit every application.

Wallrack is convection cooled (no fans) and yet extremely compact - great for distributed dimming schemes or just to get a lot of dimmers into a small space!
ETC - Sensor+

ETC's Sensor+ dimming systems are the performance standard for top theaters, TV studios, and concert halls worldwide. Because a complete range of Sensor+ racks are available, smaller venues like schools and community theaters can also afford Sensor+ excellence. Modularity means configurability: mix and match the modules in the racks according to your particular fixture inventory. And the elegant and compact modular design lets you slide up to 48 modules for up to 96 channels of 2.4kW dimming in and out of a single Sensor+ rack – without tools! And you can take advantage of ETC's innovative Dimmer Doubling™ (twice the control, half the circuits!) and save even further on dimmer costs. Adding the optional SmartLink Power Board to any Sensor+ Installation Rack allows easy, plug-and-play control of presets via architectural control stations.

Zero 88 - Chilli

The Chilli range offers a high density dimming solution whilst retaining ease of installation. The intuitive Chilli user interface allows operators to quickly set up and operate the dimmers. Using intelligent design, the Chilli range offers an efficient and reliable solution to a range of dimming applications. The user interface, comprising a backlit 16 button numeric keypad and LCD screen, ensures that even in the dark the full range of Chilli features can be accessed. DMX addressing, preheat and dimmer curves can all be set with minimum fuss.

High specification dimmers for installation, available in 4, 6, 12 and 24 channel formats.

Zero 88 - Betapack 3

The Betapack 3 range of digitally controlled 6 channel dimmer packs offer one of the most cost effective and versatile solutions to dimming currently available.

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